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Monday, June 20, 2016

Marc Benioff Quits FB, calls it Overwhelming

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff recently said, "I deleted my Facebook account completely. I found it was just overwhelming me." via

My Take:

  • I'd hypothesis that Facebook needs to take a lesson from Google
  • Gmail Tabs allow users to better segment user experience
  • Facebook keeps tinkering with an algorithm, while great for maximizing sponsored posts is causing headaches for users. 
  • Improving how posts, and FB friends can be filtered, both via desktop and the mobile app would allow users to quickly dive into topics of interest the same way one would bounce from website to website
  • If Facebook wants to be stickier and a destination for various online experiences, and longer content experiences, it must make tailoring posts and viewing segmented groups easier.
  • Items like "top posts" are still relevant, but within each category, like Instagram, and like Gmail, content should be organized, or the option to easily filter in chronological order.