Bucket List

Whether its a new experience, or developing a new skill, we all have a bucket list. Here's mine. 

Some of these could be done next weekend, others may take 5-10 years. 

  • Drive a 5-speed w/o stalling
  • Learn how to play "Mary had a Little Lamb" on the piano
  • Actually, learn how to read music and play the piano
  • Run a half marathon (or walk 13.1 miles in a day)
  • Vacation in one of those over water huts in Fiji
  • Take a train cross country (San Fran to NY)
  • Learn the basics of sailing
  • Write a book
  • Teach Intro to Business, or a night Marketing college course as an adjunct professor
  • Coach a peewee soccer team
  • Help pass a legislative bill
  • Change my own oil (something the size of a lawnmower is fine)
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial
  • Drive a Vespa
  • Be an extra on a film
  • Tour the Smithsonian (for several days)
  • Try yoga
  • Attend a masqurade party
  • Fly in a hot air balloon
  • Take a lesson flying an airplane
  • Build something DIY around the house
  • Build a piece of furniture that's used daily
  • Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
  • Unplug digitally and from the news media for 14 days
  • Understand the appeal of kissing in the rain
  • Experience a sunrise on one coast of FL, and a sunset on the other coast the same day
  • Plant a garden (and enjoy seasonal veggies)
  • Learn salsa, or swing dancing
  • Get consistent enough on the driving range to attempt 9-holes (maybe 18-holes)
  • Visit a secluded enough beach to tan and swim naked

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