2016 and 200 marketing campaigns later.

"Work to become, not to acquire." It's a favorite quote of mine. It was spoken by Alan Kulwicki. It's humbling at to me stresses to focus on skills and outcomes, not material gains as a primary driver. I've always admired Kulwicki because of his work ethic, and approach. If you don't follow racing the name likely isn't familiar. Kulwicki was an engineering graduate from the University of Wisconsin. He used his knowledge of engineering to make himself more competitive as a driver. He sold off his stuff, packed up a truck, and moved from Wisconsin to the South, North Carolina specifically to follow his dream.

I can relate. On a Saturday spring day in 2007 I graduated with my MBA. The following day I was on a plane to Atlanta scouting career opportunities and places to live. Within two months, I put in my two weeks notice, packed up a Mini Cooper, and hit the road bound for Atlanta.

2007 getting ready to move to Atlanta.

My dream was to be a marketer. Not just any marketer, part of the new digital-focused marketing that was breaking the model away from traditional marketing. I had a few advantages, I hungry, I had been working since I was 14, and I knew about the ins and outs of many industries.

1992 first day of school photo with my dad.

Ten years and 200 marketing campaigns later there almost no industry or business objective that I haven't seen. To be at the eldest part of the millennial generation and have over 20 years working experience is mind boggling. I enjoy brainstorming and whiteboarding business strategy. From C-level suite, to blue collar small business I pride myself on being able to connect and relate to all.

I'm an avid LinkedIn user, and since 2010 have run a moonlight digital consultancy Hanks & Friends LLC. You can find me tweeting @KeithHanks and posting about personal life on Instagram.