Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ready for AI Marketing 1.0? Mapping Out Programmatic Basics

Many marketers find themselves 'chasing' the next thing, when really, the ingredients for a satisfying frittata are right in front of them. (image:

Those close to me know I love metaphors. For all my marketing friends that are also foodies (aka lots of them), this post is for you!

Dish: "Keith's Programmatic Marketing Frittata"

Overview: Inventory the media in your 'marcom fridge' -- preheat the oven to 350 -- ready a prep board and a few oven skillets.

Serves: Several hundred - to - several million guests

Directions: on a clean surface lay out your ingredients. Since each frittata has different ingredients use the following guidelines to prepare.

  • Wash and tenderize in-house SMEs.
  • Using your analytics team, apply ROI effective vendors to a "customer journey mixing bowl." 
  • From your strategy team, take marketing architecture, including APIs and connect them into the same mixing bowl. Don't be nervous if it looks like a mess right now, we'll fix that in a second. 
  • For the right color and texture, consult with your creative team. Don't be surprised if they are little busy and suggesting not just "A" list of ingredients, but also want to test a "B," "C," or even "D" for a multi variant culinary experience. 
  • Lead nurture with a whisk until ingredients blend. If e-commerce, don't be afraid to add a dash of cart abandonment -- the recipe will have a better chance of converting your audience, in addition to having them often returning for a second helping (or more). 
  • Brush a thin layer of butter into the "executive sponsor cooking pan." When buttering up the pan, you don't want to be too greasy, or use too little and risk burning. 
  • Plate & Serve **
** Don't forget the mobile app experience! When serving the frittata each guest might want to eat it differently. Some will eat at their desktop, others on the run and prefer a mobile experience.

Takeaways for AI: Marketing tech continues to grow in complexity, often at a much faster pace annually than what teams can implement. Like a frittata, look for items (techniques, media, etc) that compliment each other. For a frittata to be great you don't need an entire serving of each ingredient, you just need to connect the ingredients together. 

What did this recipe do? Essentially it mapped out by hand, programatic marketing could look like if automation was applied. That's the key lesson, there's no one recipe. Before you can think AI, you'll want to test the recipe out, make sure the tastes blend, and the guest experience is great whether eating at a traditional table (desktop), or on the run (mobile web and/or mobile app experience). 

As always, play to your strengths as a 1.0 baseline. Not all the ingredients will make sense together; some may be almost lost sitting in a pantry, where others might be fresh, but perishable. Within your SMEs, vendors, and data, seek additional ways to get more. Look for overlaps in how data is captured, stored, queried and usable for actionable messages. 

What do you think? Any other recipes, marketing, or else wise, you'd like to share?

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