Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton's 9/11 Health Scare United the Country

Sunday 9/11/16 started with a very divided country, by evening the country was united. It wasn't the memory the day -- it wasn't a particular speech -- it was the images of Hillary Clinton, in obvious distress, being rushed in a van pulling up. 

On a 9/11 the country seemed the least united in memory, the politics were put away for legitimate concern towards Secretary Clinton's health. Previously health concerns and rumors had been brushed aside. Depending on which ideological you held that would be the likely a predictor of how you felt about the topic. In the moment many saw that video ideologies ceased and the country was perhaps one of the most united in recent 9/11 memory.

The seconds in that short video are very humanizing. Most of us will never know how hard it truly is to be part of these 24x7 campaigns; the minute by minute timing, the list of obligations, and the challenge to connect with as many people as possible. What we saw here is what it looks like what that limit is reached, then crossed. 

This reminds me a bit of the 1914 'Christmas Truce' during WWI. For those not familiar this was an unofficial ceasefire on the western front of The Great War. French, British and German troops put down their arms, crossed the 'no man's land area' of the trenches where they spoke to each other, shared food, and even by soccer. 

In the hours after that video predictable pundits salivating for 'gotcha moments' didn't treat it as that. They treated it as legitimate concern towards an advocacy. While often clashing politically they want to win on the field of ideas, not see their opponent rushed away like that. Maybe for these pundits it was a reminder of there own health challenges. 

An Opportunity for a Lesson
If there's a reason I'm particular empathic is because I watched the news clips that day from bed. I had been pushing myself in the days and weeks prior, nothing that I felt was a gray zone. 

My social media post on Saturday, 9/10/16. 
Spent 9/11 laying down. To say I could relate to Secretary Clinton is an understatement. 
Maybe had a few warning signs, but still thought I was safe. I wasn't. Things escalated in the hours after posting this. It took me a few days to bounce back. 

If I was advising Secretary Clinton, I would humanize the video of her getting into the van as much as possible. Almost everyone has had a situation like hers, but not everyone had it seen by millions of people. 

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