Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wait, the Chicken Parm Diet is a Thing??

Saw this on The Telegraph: Eating pasta helps you lose weight, says Italian study.

"A new survey of more than 23,000 people, however, has linked pasta consumption to both lower body mass and waist-to-hip ratio. 
Published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes, the study said pasta consumption is associated with better weight management in part because it often occurs as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet."
Normally a headline like this would be something you'd expect to read on The Onion. Mind blown it was The Telegraph. A year ago was having fun the the term #ChickenParmDiet with friends. Basically made it a meme where you could eat all the chicken parm you wanted IF you put the effort in to keep up with daily Fitbit goals.

Appears the science has caught up to this hypothesis. That's exciting. I can talk chicken parm variations like Bubba could tell Forrest Gump different ways to make shrimp. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some dietary planning to work on.

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