Sunday, July 3, 2016

Age 35. What's Next?

Wow, 35. That's a big a number to me, and in many ways it feels like turning 25 was not that long ago. 

If I'm being honest, never put much thought into what being 35 would look like. This dawned on me driving back from the beach the other day. I've always pictured life in 2-3 year brackets, but those brackets just magically stopped at 35. 

So now what? 

To say 35 is going to be an interesting year and turning point is an understatement. Several new chapters starting, some ending and a wide array of items I'd like to achieve identified. 

I feel fortunate and humble that I've been able to accomplish many things before that age of 35 that some may never achieve in a lifetime. While that's an interesting thing to acknowledge, by no means does it define me, or what's next. 

The Next Five Years
  • I have the means and want to experience what its like to be a young professional, while I can. 
  • I seek to be self aware of my strengths and my shortcomings
  • I want celebrate those that have been great friends, and shift others politely to acquaintance status
  • I focus to meet new people, both with shared interests, and those that can challenge my beliefs
  • I want to professionally work with those that value my knowledge and capabilities. I have enough expertise and proven wins to warrant this. With these folks I strive to build new things and be innovative. 
  • I want to become more liquid. In this case making sacrifices to not be as reliant on a paycheck. Instead I seek to have a diverse stream of income sources ("old Keith" will appreciate this). I believe this will make life less stressful and allow me to appreciate my career / primary income source even more. 
  • I will take this one step further and continue to grow my consulting practice and seek to work with those that are amazing to work with and whom I can add value towards. 
  • I will strive to focus better on physical and mental wellbeing. I went through a period where health and fitness took a backseat (Facebook's "On This Day" reminds of of this almost daily). I've made adjustments around health and hope to find balance (and selfishly age well in the coming years)
  • I want to focus on experiences and quality of life, over materialism. Had the privilege of acquiring some cool stuff in the past. Been there, done that. It brings moments of euphoria, but not happiness. Happiness can be a skill, it can be a passion you share with someone else regularly. Some of my happiest times is queso dip with friends chatting about random stuff, or having people over to BBQ and then making it a late night playing Cards Against Humanity. 
  • I want to help others more. I've always enjoyed mentoring when possible in particular. As an only child I've had to self navigate more often than I'd like. I've seen this happen alot with fellow only children and eldest children in particular. 

Elusive Goals: I don't know if I'll ever be an adjunct professor teaching an Intro to Marketing college course. I don't know if I'll ever be a pee-wee soccer coach either. These have been goals of mine for 15-20 years. If they happen, it'll be amazing and worth the wait. If they don't, that's okay too. 

35 is here, whether I want it to be or not. It's time to stop thinking only in 2-3 year brackets. It's time to think longer term -- challenge beliefs, and not only for strive for quality of life experiences, but quality of life I can share better with those I enjoy and appreciate the most. 

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