Sunday, June 19, 2016

Orlando, How Gay Rights and Gun Rights Intersect

The politics of hysteria is interesting and long lasting. In 1985 gay men were banned for life to donate blood, I'd say it made sense at the time -- little was known of AIDS and blood transfusions. That lifetime ban lasted until 2015. Now men who have had contact with another man cannot donate if contact occurred within the last 12 months.

The math is not there to support these bans and many men in Orlando just tried to donate blood. The same type of hysteria will be used to call to outlaw "scary looking black rifles" where "one shot is fired each time the trigger is pulled" -- in this case cause by a man interviewed by the FBI 3 times who violated the law by not only shooting, but shooting in a "gun free zone."

In my opinion more lives can be saved by allowing gay men better access to donate blood than to put restrictions on scary looking black riffles. If the politics of the latter are to be discussed, then let's not do it on the basis of hysteria, let's do it on the basis of functionality of one shot for each trigger pull. While we are at it, make the consequences so grave using such offensively carries too much risk for the offender, but having access as a defensive means is not obstructed. The rights and consequences of offenders are frequently valued higher than the rights of the innocent, and those that need to defend themselves. Same concept whether you are 'standing your ground' on an intruder breaking into your home, or if you are a gay man looking to donate blood within a community that was just struck with a tragedy that will be discussed for decades to come.

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